Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pay it forward

#5) Do something nice for someone in need, for no reason other than the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone.

I would like to think this isn't the first time I have done something nice for someone in need. I would even like to think this wasn't the first time I helped out someone I didn't know very well. Nonetheless, it is something I need to continually get out of the box and do.

I was given the opportunity to help a family move this evening. I met 'J' last week at boot camp (actually we had been at the same get together once before also) and I heard she was in a sticky situation. Due to issues beyond her families control they had to move out of their current house (which they just moved into 2 months prior) and into a new house. The keys to this sad situation were. 1.) They had no A/C in the old house. 2.) She has 3 kiddos. (one of them is only 4 months old) 3.) They were given about a weeks notice they had to find somewhere new to live. 4) Her husband was out of town. I cant even imagine if I was put in the situation where I had to pack up a house and three kids and move all of my belongings without my husband. It just wouldn't be possible. Once I heard about this situation I knew I wanted and needed to help. Luckily we have a 12' x 6' flatbed trailer, a truck, and Mr. Milo's muscles.... so we volunteered to help.

If you are reading this... try to do this task today. Don't make an excuse... just do something nice for someone today.


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Can you tell we really appreciate your help last night? :) You guys are the best! You really helped J out of a tough spot last night and even though it was late when we got back to my apt, she was so thankful we got so much done.

  2. Karen, you will probably NEVER know how much of an impact you had on me yesterday. I was very near my breaking point, thinking about all that was left to do, and I knew it would never happen. Your help was the biggest blessing!

    For anyone who reads this, if you are wondering whether you should help someone, just do it. People are really good at holding in what they are really feeling and experiencing, but you never know when your one small kindness could turn their world around. You can bet that I will as often as I possibly can! The only way I have made it through this is by the grace of God and the kindness of those around me.

    Thank you Karen & Milo!

  3. Karen, you are just amazing and that's all I can say. :)