Sunday, June 28, 2009

Put a cork in it.

#4) Make a custom bulletin board.

Today was a lazy Sunday, but I did manage to still do something new! I bought this fancy smancy looking frame from ikea that has that french deco look to it for Miss Tooters nursery. After trying to figure out what to do with this frame, I went with the bulletin board idea. All you need for this project is any type of frame that allows you to pop the glass out, some scissors, a pencil, and a roll of cork.

I made a quick stop to Office Max for a roll of cork. Price of that was $13.99 for a roll. I had plenty left over, so you could make several cork boards with 1 roll (depending on the sizes of your frames, obivously).

Step 1. Take the cardboard backing and filler sheet out of your frame.

Step 2. Roll out your cork.

Step 3. Use the filler sheet as a template to cut your cork. Trace.

Step 4. Cut out the cork.

Step 5. After taking the glass out, lay the cork into the frame. I had to do a couple trims to get it to fit.

Step 6. Put the cardboard backing behind the cork. This will hold everything into place and make it more sturdy.

Step 7. Hang up and enjoy your custom bulletin board!
I give it a thumbs up.....

Ta da!


  1. I like this idea a lot! I will definitely be trying this sometime in the not-so-distant future. Right now, I'm doing good just to get Brooklyn's nursery finished before she comes! Good job! You're doing good coming out of your mommy box!

  2. Love it. Super creative, and it looks so much nicer in a frame!! Good for you. And good for you yesterday at are doing awesome!